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Meet The Residents (1974)purchase this album (Amazon) This is first album; it s rather good, but not really for the first-time listener, Find discography, albums and singles on AllMusic biography formed in early 70 travelling from Louisiana to San Francisco, experimenting with tape any media they can get their duck stab!/buster & glen; studio by residents; released: november 1978: recorded: october 1977-august genre: avant-garde: length: 34: 30: label: ralph commercial album; 1980: september 1979-october avant-garde, noise rock, experimental rock Duck Stab!/Buster & Glen; Studio by Residents; Released: November 1978: Recorded: October 1977-August Genre: Avant-garde: Length: 34: 30: Label: Ralph Commercial Album; 1980: September 1979-October Avant-garde, noise rock, experimental rock
Residents BabyfingersResidents BabyfingersResidents BabyfingersResidents Babyfingers